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Alovera Soothing Mist

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Give your skin a fresh mist of aloe!
When it comes to natural ingredients with bountiful health, skin
and hair benefits, aloe Vera needs no introduction. Known as the
“plant of immortality,” by the ancient Egyptians, aloe Vera is one
of the most featured ingredients in beauty, skin and hair care
products—and for good reason. Aloe Vera is one of the plant
world’s richest sources of nourishing, rejuvenating and hair- and
skin-loving nutrients
IQ ALOEVERA MIST helps replenish the skin’s
moisture and increases hydration to promote regeneration,
allowing the skin to heal quickly and naturally. Made of 98% pure
aloe Vera gel, this is the best face mist for skin that needs a
natural boost. This hydrating face mist is formulated with 9
natural plant extracts that refresh and restore the skin for a
youthful glow. Gentle for all skin types, this aloe Vera gel for face
offers benefits for dry, oily, and combination skin types! Relax
and refresh tired skin with this hydrating face spray!
Key Ingredients:
Rose Hydrosol: rose water hydrosol is the aromatic water.
Great for all skin types and is especially favored as a toner by
those with sensitive or mature skin.
Aloe Vera Gel: naturally soothing gel anti-inflammatory that
helps treat burns acne and scars
Licorice Extract: Removes excess melanin
• Cucumber Extract:cucumber on skin include antioxidant
protection and soothing properties.The antioxidants that
cucumber contains resolve any inflammation on the skin effortlessly.
It helps to lighten the skin.

IQ Aloe Vera Face Mist is a face toner that delivers a cooling
boost of hydration while moisturizing and rejuvenating dull skin,
leaving the skin feeling refreshed and radiant. CLEAR SKIN The
Aloe Vera Mist, facial toner also acts an astringent, fighting back
against pimples and reduce pore size. SKIN SOOTHING ALOA
Skincare Aloe spray fights redness and inflammation to give your
skin a healthy looking complexion.
INTENSE HYDRATION – Hydrates and moisturizes the
skin, prevents dryness and appearance of wrinkles.Its
hydrating and antioxidant-rich botanicals to keep your skin
looking fresh, radiant and youthful.
CLEAR SKIN –Clarifies skin, evens skin tone. Fights
blemishes, breakouts and pimples, balances oily skin.
SKIN SOOTHING – Fights Inflammation and reduces
redness.Heals skin from damage and surface.
BALANCES OILY SKIN (Sebum production)Balances
excess oil/Sebum production.
How to use
•After waxing Apply a reasonable amount to the affected area
• Spray on after washing face in the morning and at night
• Use any time during the day or after a work for a refreshing blast
and to balance oily skin. Tip – For an extra refreshing and cooling
boost, store the bottle in your refrigerator.
• Store in a cool place

100% Organic 

No Side Effects 

No Chemicals 

No Preservatives 

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Alovera Soothing Mist

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